Grace Knight Conference Room
Second Floor
12 SE 1st Street

September 6, 2016 BoCC Special Meeting General Policy Discussion 130PM

Approval of Agenda (1:30PM)
Items Requiring Board Action
Commissioner Proposed Items for Discussion
1. Diversity and Inclusion Discussion
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Discuss the County’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts and direct staff.
Attachment: DIP_ImplementationPaper_June2016.pdf
2. Amending Requirements for Targeted Board Positions (Special Meeting)
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Discuss and, if desired, direct staff to bring back amendments to requirements for targeting positions on boards.
Attachment: Board membership Sept 2016.pdf
3. New Advisory Board and Committee Policy Adoption (Special Meeting)
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Adopt Resolution 16-__.
Attachment: Resolution 2016 Advisory Board Policy.pdf
Attachment: BoCC advisory board rules.pdf
4. Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. Discussion
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Discuss Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. as requested.
Attachment: Advisory Legal Opinion AGO 2011_23.pdf
Attachment: Meridian Letter funding history.pdf
Attachment: Florida Statues Chapter 394 Mental Health.pdf
5. Discussion of Request of Local Government Contribution for Tax Credit Development from Banyan Development Group LLC
Amount: $37,500.00
Recommended Action: Consider amending the SHIP Local Housing Assistance Plan to add a provision for a local government contribution of $37,500 for a tax credit rental development application

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