Jack Durrance Auditorium, Room 209
Second Floor
12 SE 1st Street

August 9, 2016 BoCC Regular Meeting Supplemental

Evening/Public Hearing
Governmental Units

1. FFY 2016 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, JAG Countywide (To Follow Item 32)
Amount: $101,727.00
Recommended Action: Approve the revised Fifty-one percent letter.
Attachment: BOCC 51% Letter updated.pdf
2. Solid Waste: Authorization to Advertise Public Hearing (To Follow Item 56)
Amount: $7,703,840.09 in Revenue
Recommended Action: Adopt the Resolution and authorize the newspaper to publish the notice of the September 13, 2016 Public Hearing to set the rates for the Solid Waste Non-Ad Valorem Assessments and authorize provision of the notice to affected property owners on the Notice of Proposed Taxes (TRIM).
Attachment: Resolution 16 61.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit B_RCC AREA Legal Description.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D_DOR Codes.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit F_Rate Schedule.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H_Newspaper Notice SWM pg3.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A_Universal Collection Area Legal Description.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H_Newspaper Notice RCC pg2.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C_SWM AREA Legal Description.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit E_Parcel Apportionment.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit G_Interim Assessment.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit H_Newspaper Notice UNIVERSAL pg1.pdf

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