Jack Durrance Auditorium, Room 209
Second Floor
12 SE 1st Street

May 24, 2016 Regular BoCC Meeting - Supplemental

Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Time Certain Items
Community Outreach
Governmental Units
County Attorney

1. Marijuana Distribution Establishments - Declaration of Zoning-in-Progress and Authorization to Advertise Public Hearings
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Direct staff to review, study and prepare comprehensive plan and code amendments to regulate marijuana distribution establishments and authorize the advertisement of a public hearing to consider the adoption of an up-to-six-month moratorium on the processing of applications for marijuana distribution establishments.
Attachment: 2016 marijuana distribution establishments moratorium ordinance.pdf
County Manager

2. Resolution supporting the request by the VANAD Group, Inc. for the participation in the QTI Program
Amount: 5,000.00
Recommended Action: Approve the Resolution supporting the VANAD Group participation in the QTI program and authorize the Chair's signature
Attachment: VANAD Confidentiality Letter.pdf
Attachment: VANAD Group QTI Resolution.pdf
Attachment: VANAD General Project Overview.pdf
Attachment: VANAD Evaluation Matrix.pdf
Community Planning Group

3. Move reserves for NE 132nd Ave
Amount: $158,506
Recommended Action: Approve budget amendment to move Funds from reserves to NE 132nd Ave in Transportation Trust Fund
Attachment: NE 132nd Ave.pdf
Attachment: 341 Reserve Sheet.pdf

Closing Comments
Evening Community Outreach and Public Hearing
Public Hearings
Quasi-Judicial/Zoning Items
Closing Comments
CONSENT/Community Outreach
CONSENT/Governmental Units
County Attorney

4. Resolution identifying the location of the SW 8th Ave Extension Project.
Amount: None
Recommended Action: Approve the Resolution.
Attachment: Resoidentifyprojectlocation.pdf
Attachment: DrawingsSW8thExtensionOPT3REVISED.pdf