Jack Durrance Auditorium, Room 209
Second Floor
12 SE 1st Street

April 5, 2016 BoCC Special Meeting General Policy Discussion 130PM

Approval of Agenda (1:30PM)
Items Requiring Board Action
Commissioner Proposed Items for Discussion
1. Bed Tax Funding for the Arts
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Discuss bed tax funding for the arts.
Attachment: Bed Tax Funding in Alachua County.pdf
2. Presentation to the Board of County Commissioners by the Department of Court Services on Its Diversion Court Programs
Amount: Not Applicable
Recommended Action: Not Applicable
Attachment: Court Services Diversion Programs Final 2016.pdf
Attachment: Court Services Diversion Programs Final 2016.pptx
3. Community Agency Partnership Program (CAPP) Advisory Board Discussion
Amount: 0
Recommended Action: Request discussion of a Grant Review Committee to oversee the CAPP- RFA process and make annual funding recommendations. Discuss sun setting the CAPP Advisory Board.
Attachment: PRAB RESOLUTION 09 60.pdf
Attachment: CAPP Resolution 05 24.pdf
Attachment: PRAB RESOLUTION 02 91.pdf
Attachment: CAPP Resolution 85 147.pdf

Pavement Management Priorities - NE 132nd Avenue

Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Discuss needed improvements to NE 132nd Avenue with respect to all pavement priorities.
Attachment: Pavement Mgmt Presentation 04052016.pptx
Attachment: Pavement Mgmt Presentation 04052016.pdf
5. Charter Annexation
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Discuss the options for charter voluntary annexation
Attachment: Palm Beach County Voluntary Annexation.pdf
Attachment: Memo to Board.pdf
Attachment: 2015 House Bill 1215.pdf
Attachment: Map of Reserve and ExtraTerritorial Areas.pdf
Attachment: Amended Charter Annexation Presentation.pdf
Attachment: Excerpt of Orange County Code.pdf
Attachment: Former County Code Chapter 225.pdf
Attachment: Home Rule Charter section re relation to municipal ordinances.pdf

Commission Discussion
Public Comments on Previously Discussed Items