Grace Knight Conference Room
Second Floor
12 SE 1st Street

March 15, 2016 BoCC Special Meeting 130PM

Call to Order (1:30PM)
Adoption of Agenda
Items for Discussion

1. I-75 Relief Task Force Update
Amount: NA
Recommended Action: Hear the presentation.
Attachment: I75 Relief_LSM Data.pdf
Attachment: 03152016_I75ChairLetter.pdf
Attachment: County LSM Comments.pdf
Attachment: Draft Land Suitability Map.pdf
2. Waldo Road Job Center Proposal
Amount: NA
Recommended Action: Direct Staff to pursue primary action items necessary to pursue the Waldo Road Job Center Proposal:1) Proceed with Florida Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC)  applicationa) Determine boundaries of Weyerhaeuser Propertyb) Letter of willingness from Weyerhaeuserc) Environmental analysis2) Waldo Road Job Centera) Contact Agency for Persons with Disabilitiesb) Meet with State to discuss surplus property processc) Define desired boundaries of Waldo Road Job Center3)  Meet with federal, state and local land conservation agencies and organizations to seek conservation funding.4) Engage City of Gainesville, University of Florida and Santa Fe College in the Waldo Road Job Center Concept
Attachment: WRJCActionItems.pptx
Attachment: WRJCActionItems.pdf

Commission General and Informal Discussion