Grace Knight Conference Room
2nd Floor, County Administration Building
12 SE 1st Street, Gainesville

June 18, 2013 10 AM Special Meeting - General Policy Discussion

Approval of Agenda
Items Requiring Board Action
Time Sensitive Items

1. Resolution supporting the request by Encell Technology, Inc. for the participation in the Qualified Target Industry (QTI) Program
Amount: $233,800.00
Recommended Action: Approve the Resolution supporting Encell Technology, Inc. participation in the QTI Program and authorize the Chair's signature
Attachment: Overview QTI.pdf
Attachment: Encell Project Evaluation Matrix.pdf
Attachment: Reso QTI.pdf
Attachment: Attachment QTI.pdf
2. Supervisor of Elections space needs update and discussion       (Amended)
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Accept Staff's update and authorize staff to negotiate the 11 year lease option with a fixed base rent and amortized renovation cost over the term of the lease with Bosshardt Property Management. Operating cose to be reconciled annually. The agreement shall be presented to the Board for final approval or rejection.
Attachment: Hutchinson_memo.pdf
Attachment: SOE_Estimates_ 614_1133AM.pdf
Attachment: Board_Motion_from_May152013.pdf
Attachment: IAQ_Evaluation.pdf
3. Manager's Search/Contract discussion (Amended)
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Manager's Search/Contract discussion.
Public Comment

4. Public Comments
Amount: N/A
Recommended Action: Hear Public Comments on Action Items discussed above.

Commissioner Proposed Items for Discussion
Commission Discussion
Public Comments on Previously Discussed Items